Here are the loglines of few of the scripts.


The Crown of Thorns

A group of archeologists plan to steal a portion of the Crown of Thorns. The thrilling consequances they come across after that embarks the rest of the action.

The Car Tune

A bigshot tries to save his wealth from a raid by putting them in a running car. Then the car strangely starts to dictate things to the driver.

Dear Mrs.

A newly married girl finds out that her husband is unable to forget his ex.

6 Hours

Strange things happen in a span of 6 hours.

Life of the Angels

Interesting life between humans and angels



5 Pounds

A day of a poor kid who wants to get food for his care-taker sister.

Happy Birthday

A workoholic person's day on his girl friend's birthday.

Esp ecially

A kid's sensory experiences that appear real but are created by his mind